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Passion, research, creativity, daring - all have contributed to the diverse and immensely rich collections of more than 1.8 million items in Scottish Universities. Today, they comprise 32% of the country's materials on history of science, 31% of the nation's coins and medals, 24% of its fine art, 20% of natural science collections and 18% of its world culture collections. Collections in four universities, including the entire holdings of the Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow, have been Recognised as nationally significant.

Our museums grow out of Scotland's distinctive and ancient traditions of higher education, inspiring explorers, scientists, scholars, artists and others in almost every field of endeavour. They play an increasingly important role in the cultural life of the nation, offering exhibitions activities and resources for everyone.

UMIS: University Museums in Scotland exists to foster the preservation, care and interpretation of historical and cultural collections in Scottish Universities, and to promote the interests of the collections.

Revealing Update

Please note that due to policy changes by the Collections Trust, the Culture Grid website is no longer being updated. This means that no further updates are possible to the Revealing the Hidden Collections database. We hope that it will still prove a useful finding aid for researchers but its data should not be regarded as up-to-date. Please contact individual collections with any queries.

Where Science and Society Meet

UMIS and UMG are teaming up to co-organise a joint conference at the University of Durham on 23-24 September 2015. The conference will introduce delegates to the current science research landscape and will explore the intersection of science with arts and culture in a museum setting. Keynotes and panel discussions will address the challenge of combining these themes and linking collections in ways that inspires our visitors. Sessions will bring practitioners in the sciences and social sciences together with museum professionals and artists to talk about science engagement and reinvigorating science collections in museums. The final programme is now available here. Visit the conference website for more information.

Impact and Engagement: University Museums for the 21st Century

A new advocacy document has been jointly produced by UMG and UMIS, highlighting the growing success of university museums as part of the higher education sector and their unique contribution to the public profile of universities across the UK - read it here and the accompanying press statement here.

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