This set of artworks was chosen by Comics PhD student Zu Dominiak, who writes: “This is an item from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design student collection, and is a piece that has been added to the collection very recently. The reason I selected it is because while it is a mixed media set of sculptures, it evokes similar feelings to some of the other museum collections. In particular it makes me think of the Pathology and Zoology collections. The artwork comprises a glass cabinet – much like ones in museum displays – filled with several sculptures. They all resemble organic forms in the most uncanny way possible: wrinkled skin, pink flesh filled with teeth, familiar textures shaped in the most strange configurations. It has similar aesthetic qualities to the fluid specimens in the Zoology Museum, which have always been among my favorites; I have always loved browsing natural history collections and getting spooked by the animals in jars, or scared by dismembered body parts in anatomical collections.”


© University of Dundee / the artist

Museum reference


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