John Duncan (J.D) Fergusson was one of the major artists in the group now known as the Scottish Colourists, which combined French Impressionist techniques with Scottish themes to produce outstanding works in the early 20th Century. Fergusson lived in Paris in the early 1900s and was known for absorbing new, fresh influences and adapting his work in response. He was also a great believer in art for all. The J D Fergusson Memorial Collection was presented to the University when it was formed in 1968 by the J D Fergusson Art Foundation and Margaret Morris, the artist’s lifelong partner. The collection of fourteen of Fergusson’s paintings was chosen to represent all periods of his life from his very early work ‘Bazaar in Tangiers’ (c. 1897) through to ‘A Bridge on the Kelvin’ (1942). It contains some of his finest work and includes the influential painting ‘Rhythm’ (1911).


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