Ta-Kheru was born around 750 BC, the daughter of an aristocratic Egyptian family in a world where Egypt was a major power. The University of Aberdeen has come to learn a great deal more about Ta-Kheru through CT scans, facial reconstruction and expert research. Ta-Kheru’s mummified body is wrapped in linen and covered by a fine net of faience beadwork. The CT scan allowed the University to look inside in detail without damaging anything.

Led by Dr Roman Sokiranski, staff at the Radiological Centre in Heidelberg took over 3000 X-ray images in what is the world’s most advanced CT study of an Egyptian mummy. The CT image revealed over 50 layers of linen wrappings treated with embalming resin, including a shroud covering her face. Such elaborate bandaging was usually associated with a very high-status individual, showing that her relatives spared no expense on her funeral.


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Museum reference

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