Quaich is a simple shallow bowl with two handles designed to drink from. The Quaich originated in Scotland and from the Gaelic “Cuach”.

This quaich has led and exciting life, when donated to the University of Aberdeen collections it was accompanied by this intriguing note:

“A celebrated quaich which was given me under certain restrictions which I cannot well break. It was rescued from the flames of a castle that was burnt down in the rebellion of [17]Forty-Five. A most capacious vehicle holding nearly two quarts and of course not calculated for spiritous liquors. Three lugs and inscriptions on each are curious memorials and the bottom has a sliver plate with the following inscription in Gaelic – May he never turn his back on friend or foe. It is curiously hooped round with bog wood and the supposed scions of the house of Stewart used to empty it at a draft of my strongest ale.” Quotation from the journals of Dr Robert Wilson (1787-1871).


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