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An online evening event with artist Jade Montserrat in conversation with artists Webb-Ellis and Andrew Black, held in partnership with the Gallery of Modern Art.

The films Cage, Clay, and Peat form a 2015 trilogy of performances to camera, made collaboratively by Jade Montserrat and Webb-Ellis. Each of the three works addresses Montserrat’s complex and layered relationship to the North Yorkshire landscape that she grew up in.

Cage and Peat are currently on view at The Hunterian in the exhibition Dislocations: territories, landscapes and other spaces (to 5th December 2021); Clay features in the Gallery of Modern Art exhibition Drink in the Beauty (to March 2022). In this jointly hosted online event, The Hunterian and GoMA have invited Montserrat and Webb-Ellis to address the trilogy in detail and to draw out its particular relationship to place and landscape. Glasgow-based artist Andrew Black will respond to the works and lead a discussion as part of the event.

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‘A net of un-belonging’ with Jade Montserrat, Webb-Ellis and Andrew Black
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