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Human activity is changing our environment faster than at any time in recorded history; profoundly affecting biodiversity and human and animal health. Habitats and the organisms that live in them are not all affected equally and changes in one area can have far-reaching consequences in distant but interconnected places.

In this Science Showcase, our researchers at the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine (IBAHCM) share their insights into some impacts of climate change in North Sea food chains and wild tropical anemonefish.

In addition to specimens from The Hunterian’s Zoological collections, the exhibition includes original origami plankton designed and built by Neil Banas, the expert on plankton who worked on the North Sea Research and crocheted tropical reef animals crafted by Emily Doolittle.

Admission is free and no booking is required.

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Changing Climate, Changing Stories
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