University of Aberdeen

Dr Eleanor Armstrong joins the University of Aberdeen to discuss queer approaches to scientific collections, in particular her experience of organising LGBTQI plus tours at a range of UK science museums.

Dr Eleanor Armstrong (she/her) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Delaware, where her research explores the disjoint between discourses and practices of science.

A queer feminist cultural geographer, Dr Armstrong has experience writing and guiding LGBTQ+ tours at science museums to reimagine science narratives and imaginaries at museums around the UK, including the Science Museum, London, and The Polar Museum, Whipple Museum, Sedgwick Museum, all in Cambridge.

She is also developing Unearthing the Collection, a prototype event focusing on anti-colonial practices in natural science museums, with colleagues at the University of Delaware.

If you are interested in joining the session for a chat and a cup of tea, please email for the link to the MS Teams session.


Further information

Collections Conversations: The potential and delivery of queer practice in science museums
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