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Inge Panneels is an artist and academic who works as a researcher on Creative Informatics. Her research interest in creative and critical cartographies, and from the long history of how it emerged from the printing technologies of the fifteenth-century to the latest data-driven systems, will guide this tour across TRG’s current exhibitions. Where Nira Pereg’s films ground us in the maze-like Cave of the Patriarch’s, we will think about how representations of space reveal or hide information to create different relationships and sensitivities to spaces. With Lara Favaretto’s Momentary Monument – The Library we will consider maps as partial forms of knowledge, always involved in some degree of concealment and in the service of an agenda – whether political or subversive. Then, with maps being central to the work of Qiu Zhijie, we will get to think about why map-making is such an interesting area for artists to explore. Across the tour we will consider how new technologies are changing the way that maps are used and – with Inge’s current research – how is map-making linked to our tackling the ecological crisis?

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Friday Tour | Inge Panneels
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