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From October 2022 until February 2023, we are showcasing conservation and research work on two of the most significant paintings in The Hunterian art collection: Hector’s Farewell to Andromache painted between 1774 and 1786 by Gavin Hamilton and 18-6-69 painted by John Hoyland in 1969.

These works by Hamilton and Hoyland offer an interesting and extreme contrast that highlights the differences in technique and approaches to painting that artists have had throughout the centuries: from figurative historical themes to non-figurative, from pigments ground in oil to acrylic paint in tubes and from fine sable brushes to rollers and squeegies. However, in both cases these artists were influenced by their travels and studies further afield. For Hamilton it was Rome, for Hoyland it was New York and the Caribbean.

The Hunterian is an invaluable academic and community resource for the University of Glasgow, contributing to innovative practice through academic partnerships such as this one with the University’s Kelvin Centre for Conservation and Cultural Heritage Research. We aim to provide a vital interface between the University and wider public to become a forum where knowledge can be shared. Conservation and research are at the core of our mission, however, these often occur away from public view.

Through this display, The Hunterian and the Kelvin Centre invite our visitors to be part of this process, witnessing the transformation of these paintings live in the gallery, seeing the technical examination, art historical research, reconstruction and conservation first hand.

Entry is free and no booking is required.

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