University of Edinburgh
Online (Zoom)

Join The University of Edinburgh’s St Cecilia’s Hall online to enjoy the wellbeing benefits of mindful and creative music listening.

This is a live, online guided exercise taking place on Zoom. You can attend any one, two or all three of these lunchtime sessions.

At the sessions, you can:

– Listen to some new music, learn a little about the imaginative field of music cognition research

– Discover your own connection to musical sounds, and develop your own approach to listening

– Consider the wider benefits and possibilities of better quality listening for everyday life

Just bring some paper and your choice of pens, pencils, or paint to make marks!

Participants will be emailed joining instructions and the link prior to the event.

To find out how this event will work and what you need to bring, visit https://media.ed.ac.uk/media/1_w04q1iph

The event is free and via Zoom


Further information

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