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The University of Dundee’s Botanic Garden marked its 50th birthday on 23 October 2021. This exhibition celebrates that achievement, showing how a former potato field in the city’s west end has become a valued community space with an impact well beyond its parent institution. Through the actions and reactions of many people, through physical developments and manual labour maintained over many years, the Garden has become a unique environment that is enjoyed by over 70,000 visitors a year and used by many University staff and students both formally and informally, in ways that could never have been envisaged at its conception.

The exhibition tells this story through some of the people who helped create and shape the Garden and give value to the work it enabled. One of those people was Dr Neil Paterson, former Education Officer at the Garden who sadly died while helping to plan the exhibition. Over the years, Neil shared the Garden and its collections with many thousands of students and visitors. His sudden loss has been felt by all those who knew and worked with him. This exhibition is dedicated to his memory.

Curated by University of Dundee Museums in association with the University Archives and the Botanic Garden.

You can book a free ticket on Eventbrite, or just drop in. If you would also like to visit the exhibition in the Lamb Gallery, there is no need to book separately for that.


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Over the Garden Wall – 50 Years of the Botanic Garden
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