University of Dundee
Dundee Science Centre, 14 Greenmarket, Dundee, DD1 4QB

A mini-exhibition at Dundee Science Centre.

Biodiversity describes all the animals and plants working together. This includes diversity within species, between species, and among ecosystems. It’s important for many reasons, including maintaining balance, pollination, pest control, shelter, water and food availability. If one species is lost, this could have a cascading effect on the entire ecosystem. That is why it’s important to preserve biodiversity. This can be done through the protection and restoration of natural habitats, sustainable agriculture or pollution reduction. You can make a difference by growing local plants to support pollinators and wildlife habitats, installing bug hotels or creating water holes for animals to drink out of!

All the animals featured in this exhibition come from the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum at the University of Dundee and present different issues relating to conservation.

Curated by Oliwia Mruk (Biological Sciences student at University of Dundee)

The exhibition is free (requires tickets to Science Centre). No booking is required.

Further information

Preserving Balance: Understanding and Protecting Biodiversity
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