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Everyone deserves a second chance.

Times are changing in Scotland. A new way of thinking is emerging and a movement for a smarter justice system is beginning.

Through 18 individual stories the exhibition explores individual experience of the Community Justice system in Scotland. Sentences served in the community are more effective than sentences served in prison. Yet nearly two thirds of Scots don’t know what community justice is. This exhibition aims to address this issue by raising awareness of what community justice is and to build confidence in it as an effective sentencing option that reduces offending, reduces the number of victims and improves lives.

Second Chancers explores positivity, hope, aspiration and chaos through the lens of people with experience of the justice system. It gives a voice to people who have been let down and rejected, who have pulled themselves up and fought for better. They have grabbed a second chance. They don’t want your sympathy and they don’t need your pity. They are asking you to listen.

This exhibition is delivered in conjunction with Community Justice Scotland, Stirling Community Justice Partnership, Stirling Community Planning Partnership and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University. It is part of the University’s theme of exhibitions during 2021-2022 entitled ‘The Art of Wellbeing’.

Further info about Second Chancers available here https://secondchancers.tv/

You don't need to book. Entry is free.

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The Art of Wellbeing: Second Chancers
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